Our services

Our main purpose is client's satisfaction. For this reason you put at the first place the quality and the selection of the best materials offered by the market, used by an expert and skilled stuff. You fallow the customer in each step of the work, from the first inspection to analyze the needs and to test the conditions of the place considered, up to the short term delivery and the final test.

Our strengths

Ashlared panels
We offer ashlared panels with a different kind of models and you have the possibility to find them in special measures and with brass, chrome satin or polished handles. Our panels can be exposed to atmospheric agents without undergo wears.

Panels for security doors
Panki doesn't point only to the aesthetic element of the security door but also to what concern to its quality of materials, its thermal insulation, its sound proofed and its resistance. In fact our Company 's experience in the field let it could offer to its customers elegant panels for security doors but also for every kind of furniture.

Front doors
Front doors are house's business card, so you can choose a beautiful product but It also would be resistant and safe. In fact you have the possibility to choose among a wide range of cladding panels to put on doors, making a combination of design and protection.

Moreover our Company gives the possibility to create new cooperations for customers' drawings.

Panki works together with the best painting systems.

Some finishes

Dark walnut


Pearl white - RAL 1013

Marbled green